Apprenticeship – the strength of the college

Our College offers a large selection of professional apprenticeships for full-time and part-time undergraduates and postgraduates.

College students take part in observation, assistance and task apprenticeships in numerous offices and institutions, both in the country and abroad.

These apprenticeships not only increase the level of education, but they are a real asset in a College graduate’s CV.

Students of Journalism and Social Communication and Political Science regularly participate in professional apprenticeships in:
– the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, learning about the functioning of various departments of parliamentary clubs by following debates and helping prepare the meetings of the Sejm and Senate,
– offices of Members of Parliament,
– European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Moreover, students of Journalism and Social Communication have the possibility of gaining professional qualifications in:
– Television ‘Trwam’ in Torun and Warsaw,
– newsroom of Radio Maryja,
– student Internet Radio SIM
– editorial offices of many magazines, including ‘Sunday’, ‘Wychowawca’, and ‘Źródło’.

Thanks to apprenticeships our students gain experience in the creation of TV programs, camcorder, editing the material and sound, preparing radio programs, writing articles and conducting interviews. These are just some of the skills acquired by our students during their studies.

„During this kind of apprenticeship I gained an invaluable experience not only in the field of hardware maintenance. I also become more resistant to stress connected with the pace of work as a journalist” – says David Nahajowski, one of the graduates of the College.

IT students gain professional experience by participating in apprenticeships in
– the newsroom of Radio Maryja,
– a number of companies and enterprises.

The students learn IT system programming and installation, maintenance of servers, creating databases and maintaining and servicing web portals.

Students of Cultural Studies are offered apprenticeships in:
– numerous museums,
– galleries
– cultural centres in Poland and abroad, including in the Library of the Polish Museum in Rapperswil, Switzerland.