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Fattona Saforova

Fattona  Saforova (Tadżekistan – Turkey)
Journalism Department

From high school my dream was to study abroad.

Second semester (of my study in Turkey) …. ship of my life continued the way but to new direction and that direction was Poland. I exchanged by Erasmus+ program to the university of Social and Media Culture in Torun. I think being here for me is a big chance in my future profession because almost all our subjects are based in practical way of education, I think as a future journalist we need more practices. And by this way we are not just learning theories of our occupation but also we are using all gained knowledge’s by practices and I think this way of education is more interesting, powerful and helpful to understand what we are learned and in the future how we will use it.

* * *

Sandra Cavia Fraile

Sandra Cavia Fraile (Spain)
Journalism Department


Some of you have become in my family during nine months (in Poland), for the better but sometimes for the worse as well.

I have got the need to say thank you from here. Thanks to everyone who has participated in my experience, even for a small memory. Thanks for greeting me with a “Cześć!” and a smile in the corridors, I have felt as one of you from the beginning. Thanks for not making me feel strange in a foreign country.

Dziękuję bardzo! Because from this amazing experience, Poland and Toruń will have got a place in my heart for ever.

* * *


Ejaz KADRY  (Bangladesh – Turkey)
Journalism Department

Ejazmus and +

To be honest like this I am learning a lot of new things every day since I landed in Poland. My choice was really interesting to me (WSKSiM) for the specification of Media and Culture of the university. And I am really impressed on the atmosphere of this university and the schedules of lessons. I got a lot of practical knowledge here what I was looking for. Workshop in Tv was good opportunity to know the function of a national TV station. And the availability of instruments and helps is really impressive here. I stepped in a totally new life with Erasmus. A life I got here with full of experiences, discoveries, travels and encounters with people from other cultures. Erasmus was an excellent opportunity to increase my linguistic competence. I practiced English well but now a days sometime it makes more live to wish someone Dzień Dobry instead of Good Morning here. I really enjoy when some one speak in Polish and say Dziękuję or nie nie nie, tak tak tak. Also as a non-European citizen it’s good for me to look around from the center of this continent. Like this plenty of opportunity to laugh there are always someone ready to have fun, there are no time for boredom. Above all I am enjoying the life of Erasmus eventually I am passing the part of life titled Ejazmus.

 * * *