Erasmus Plus – Information Technology – bachelor

Information Technology

Unique internationally


Faculty: Information Technology

Specialisation: Multimedia Techniques, Computer Graphics
Time of duration: 7 semesters


Studying at the faculty of Information Technology allows obtaining the title of engineer computer scientist, that
is an expert prepared to face challenges of contemporary IT-communication systems.


We gain knowledge beside notable academic teachers, experts in mathematics, physics and technical sciences.
We educate future engineers, that is why most of our curricula are of practical character, in the form of classes
in computer lab, group projects and individual programmer’s projects. A great advantage of CSMC is reference
to the latest media techniques (professional radio and TV studio).


We focus strongly on practical use of vide range of IT tools ment for effective managing and monitoring IT
systems. We pay attention to application use of IT technologies in administration, industry and broadly
understood business. Apart from good portion of theoretical knowledge, students get a unique opportunity to
practice it – in a radio and TV studio, handling websites as well as creating concrete multimedia projects. We
also offer intense equalizing classes of maths through one semester.


After graduation from IT studies, a school leaver may work as, among others, graphic designer in companies
and institutions preparing TV programs, advertising agencies, graphic studios preparing publications for
printing, publishing houses as well as in companies producing websites and media.

Subjects taught in English 2017/2018

Information Technology – Multimedia Techniques
Subject Semestr W/S Hours per week lecture/laboratory ECTS
Computer Architecture W 3/1 5
Computer Networks W 1/2 5
Electronics and Measurements Methods W 1/1 5
English for Information Technology W 0/3 5
Human-Computer Interaction W 1/1 5
Operating Systems W 1/2 5
Project in Programming W 0/2 6
Real Time Systems W 2/1 5
Introduction to Computer Science S 0/1 4
Visualization of Data Structures S 2/2 6
Computer Simulations and Modeling S 1/1 5
Introduction to software engineering S 1/2 6
Digital Signaling Processing S 1/1 5
Database S 2/0 5
Group Project S 0/3 6
Polish Language for Foreginers W,S 0/1 4

1 W – the Winter Term, S – the Summer Term
2 lecture/laboratory