Erasmus Plus - Journalism and Social Communication - bachelor

Journalism and Social Communication

Unique internationally


Faculty: Journalism and Social Communication (Bachelor)

Specialisation: TV and Radio Journalism

Time of duration: 6 semesters


Studying at the faculty of Journalism and Social Communication aims at comprehensive preparation to perform
the duties of a journalist, as well as other professions connected not only with press, radio and TV but also with
broadly understood branch of social communication, e.g. in advertisement, promotion, institutions dealing with
media education.


We gain knowledge beside notable academic teachers, experts in journalism, knowledge of media and political
communication. We put effort on workshops teaching press, TV and radio journalism. We offer opportunity to
attend lectures of specialists from renowned foreign universities. Our guests were, among others, prof. Erich Mc
Luhan from the University of Toronto and dr Monica Herrero University of Navarra.


CSMC offers students not only theoretical education on a high level but also interesting apprenticeship in
national radio and TV and everyday press.

Subjects taught in English 2016/2017

Journalism and Social Communication
Subject Semestr Hours per week lecture/laboratory ECTS
Journalistic Genres Press W,S 0/2 3
Media in Political Marketing W,S 1/1 4
TV Workshops W,S 0/2 4
Advertising in Information Society W 1/1 4
English for Media Studies W 0/3 4
European Integration W 1/1 5
Media System in Poland W 0/2 4
Press Workshops W 0/2 3
Source of Information for Journalism W 0/ 2 3
Analysis of Current International Events S 0/2 4
Audio-visual Workshops S 0/1 3
English for Journalism and Social Communication S 0/3 4
International Relations S 1/1 4
Journalism on-line S 0/2 3
Media System in the World S 0/2 4
New Agencies S 0/2 4
Rhetoric in Journalism S 0/1 3
German or Spanish Language W,S 0/2 3
Polish for Foreigners W, S 0/2 3
Apprenticeship in Radio or Television W, S 2 weeks 6

1 W – the Winter Term, S – the Summer Term
2 lecture/laboratory