CSMC – a few words about our college

The College of Social and Media Culture (CSMC) is an independent HE institution. It was established on 14th August 2001. The founder of the College is Rev. Tadeusz Rydzyk, PhD, the director of  „Radio Maryja” and  the founder of a TV channel „TRWAM”. At present, Rev. Zdzisław Klafka, PhD, is the Rector of the College. The school has adopted the following epigraph: Fides, Ratio et Patria, i.e. Faith, Mind and Homeland.

At the beginning of its activity the College offered the faculties of Social Policy and Media Culture. In the academic year 2005/ 2006, following a positive evaluation by the State Accreditation Committee,  the CSMC undertook the efforts to gain permission to offer Master courses at the department of Political Science. On 26th September 2006, the Minister of Science and Higher Education entitled the Department of Social and Media Culture to offer Master courses in Political Science as well as undergraduate engineering courses in Computer Science.

In the academic year 2015/ 16 CSMC extended its offer of Masters in Journalism and Social Communication. 

At the moment we educate on four fields of study. In recent years, our college has been repeatedly evaluated by the Polish Accreditation Committee, the only legally empowered institution in Poland dedicated to the evaluation of the quality of higher education. All faculties at our college have been positively evaluated and  Journalism and Communication received the outstanding assessment – the highest rating awarded by the Polish Accreditation Committee. The quality of education, the curriculum, teaching facilities and quality assurance system were the subject of the assessment.

We are the only non-public college in Poland, assessed with outstanding assessment in Journalism and Social Communication.

The CSMC is constantly expanding its didactic base. Initially, classes were conducted in the buildings in St. Joseph Street. In 2005 a modern, comfortable Academic Hotel was opened, and in 2006 new didactic buildings and library in 3 Starotoruńska Street were opened. The further development of educational and recreational facilities are being planned.   


Educational offer

Undergraduate Program (3-year course):

Political Science:

  • Social and Population Policy
  • International Politics
  • Political Marketing

Journalism and Social Communication:

  • Media Culture
  • Radio and TV journalism
  • Media Informatics

 Culture Studies:

  • Audio-visual Culture
  • Culture Tourism
  • Acting techniques and directing



Information Technology:

  • Multimedia Techniques
  • Computer Graphics


Master’s Program (2-year courses):

Political Science:

  • Socioeconomic Politics
  • Communication and Political Journalism

Journalism and Social Communication:

  • News Journalism and the art of anchor
  • Online journalism and network marketing

We use the latest educational technology, offering lectures on-line and on the Fronter platform.

We are the only media college in Poland providing regular student training in radio and television studios as well as newspapers.

The best students receive training in the Polish Parliament, the EU Parliament and other institutions.

We offer excellent accommodation in our Academic Hotel located by the Vistula River.