Filmmaking in Prague – a journalist’s adventure. Part 2.

During my stay in Prague, I had plenty of different tasks and responsibilities – and it all started on a rather high note with me being a part of the filmmaking crew for the Czech comedy „Manžel na hodinu”, which is a sequel to a 2014 comedy movie „Hodinový manžel”.

It was loud, hectic and extremely chaotic at times, but it still was an unforgettable experience that I will, without a doubt,  never be able to forget. But as the first week of the film set was coming to a close, it became evident that the crew only needs one student instead of three. That’s why two of us – myself included – had to stay back at the base that was located in Prague to wait for the next task that we would have to carry out.



We had to wait for a bit less than a week before we got assigned to work on a post-production stage of a completely different movie that was shot a year ago. Its name was „Montenegro”. My very first duty that was connected with it was writing the subtitles in English. I had to review the movie countless times, making sure every line was subtitled, and just when I thought that part of work was over, I was asked to revisit all of it again to confirm that the lines are visible on the screen while the movie was playing. Due to some difficulties, I had to change the font and the size of letters, as well as their positioning on the screen so that it was easy for the viewer to watch „Montenegro” without any issues.

My next task involved more background knowledge of movie marketing and text writing, as I was tasked with preparing a template for an email that I would later send to international buyers, using the database of Three Brothers Production company that they had accumulated over the years of being on the market. This was not nearly as time consuming as making the subtitles, so I soon found myself starting to send the emails in hope of finding a distributional company who was interested in the movie. I had to work with distributors from a lot of countries, from the United States and Germany to Brazil and Azerbaijan, so granted there were over 600 emails sent. It took me several days to finish this task, as I had to work on it non-stop from early in the morning till late in the evening. The week after that I was supposed to start making phone calls to all distributors I had previously sent the emails to, to confirm that they had indeed received my email and to ask if they have any additional questions about the project or if they require me to resend the email as it might have gotten lost in the inbox or spam folder of their companies’ emails. I was mainly using English to communicate with the buyers, with the exception of several countries like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus where I could use Russian language for better understanding.

My last tasks were rather simple – updating the database I was working with while sending the emails and making phone calls for more efficient work in the future, and making a full transcript of all spoken lines in Montenegro. The latter was incredibly demanding time-wise, as I had to re-watch the entire movie and type every line in a text document myself. However, I managed to finish everything I was asked to do before leaving Prague on a plane to Kiev, where I had a train that took me to my home city – Dnepropetrovsk.

The time I spent in Prague in a village Hlubocepy where the main buildings of Three Brothers Production are located was an undoubtedly priceless experience. It helped me with developing skills and qualities that will aid me in my future career, as well as in my own personal growth as a smart and independent individual.


Mariia Novychenko