It is not an article showing how the students easily come to Erasmus studies. It is about going till the end, struggle till it works, asking for the prayer, finding the best of ourselves and obtain a good match.

The story starts in Mechelen, where the students are going to start their studies. One of them comes first trying to figure out where to live the following 4 months. During the whole summer both of them were searching for the accommodation with no result. They decided to come having no accommodation (surprise!).

So she is trying to find the responsible for the accommodation of exchange students. She and her 2 luggage bags. After an hour of searching she finds the responsible. They book the hostel in another city – Antwerp, so-called brilliant city.

The other student comes in Antwerp at night. The next morning, they have welcome days and in the evening, they find out that they cannot longer stay in that hostel and need to move to another. So they choose a new one! During their long walk they find out that they don’t need the bags and they are super happy to have some bread and water. From this moment they call themselves “very rich”.

They are treated so warm and welcomed in the hostel which is in heart of Antwerp. At the meantime they continue to search for an apartment in different cities in many ways: door to door, online and asking numerous people. The days pass by and the money  and they become a little desperate, thinking of returning home. Then they ask a close friend of them to pray for them at Sokółka where was a Eucharist miracle. At the same time a landlord from the nearest village calls one of them with a proposition. He has a student house with 2 rooms available 5 km away from the University.

The next day they are packed and ready to leave beautiful Antwerp with the great people living there. They come to University and after studies, the man picks them up. At the meantime they try Belgian fries. They come to the student house and still wait for the other propositions. Then they catch a flu which takes them 3 weeks to recover. They try to support each other with small things: prepared meals, long conversations, tea with lemon.
At the same time, one of them realizes that her bank account is blocked and all the money for Erasmus studies will wait for her until the moment when she comes to her country. Luckily, this problem is solved in 2 weeks to their happiness.

Let’s return to the studies. They are having great time and challenges at university where they have to do 6 interviews, write 15-20 articles, make a film, write an article for the press agency in Brussels and do the weekly assignments in Indesign. Now they are more than ready to face these challenges and to cope with them.

In the meantime, they go to Holy Mass and Adoration, and find it a little bit hard to practice their faith. Living together helps them a lot: to share their faith, to support each other and to share the small ups and downs of the day.

To be continued…

By Alevtina Samusseva