Erasmus Students in  Malbork

On 13th November we set off to explore some interesting Polish sites. This time, we went to the castle in Malbork, which used to be the capital of the State of the Teutonic Knights. Among the participants of the trip  there were Erasmus students from France and Turkey together with their  mentors.

The main point of the program was, of course, a tour of the medieval castle which used to be the seat of the Teutonic Knights. This is one of the largest buildings of its kind in Europe, made of red brick.  Ms. Elvira, an experienced tour guide, guided us through the site. During the 3-hour tour  we could hear a lot of interesting information about the Teutonic Knights Order, its Masters, about the castle, its inhabitants, habits and traditions and everyday life throughout centuries. We started the tour at 11 a.m in the High Castle. It is the biggest and the oldest part with the Courtyard and Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The guide told us about knight’s everyday life, we could see winter and summer refectory, we found out about heating and ventilation systems, we visited the treasury, knights’ chambers, a really well organized  defence system with its carefully thought protection, that prevented capturing the fortress. At the end of the tour we visited a rich collection of amber and its products, such as jewellery, crucifixes and caskets.  We couldn’t take our eyes off some of them. It isn’t a surprise that such a building was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

It was the first visit to Malbork for the majority of us.

We came back to the college campus at about 6 pm, tired but happy and enriched by the new knowledge.